Friday, June 26, 2015

Ch-ch-check it out!


Cineploit just made it official on their Facebook, so feast your eyes on the coming Camp Blood pic disc 10" EP! Featuring artwork by Andy Grail and a photo courtesy Cursed Camp Studios, this vinyl release will be released on Friday, November 13th! Five tracks in total, the EP features all-new tracks plus a remixed and re-recorded version of the 2014 digital single Camp Blood.

This one both looks and sounds great and I can't wait to see it released. Many thanks to the artists that helped put amazing visuals to my music. Check out Andy's portfolio here, you'll find Cursed Camp Studios here and their Facebook pages can be found here and here.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Radio-Aktivität II

Check out the interview I did on WCUW's Radio of Horror last week! Covering mainly Videogram, we also get to talk about H.R. Giger as well as my coming Cineploit album and Camp Blood EP. Check out their website here and give them a like on Facebook here!

More radio-aktivität can be found via XWave Radio that'll start playing select cuts from my previous albums next week. Check them out here.