Tuesday, May 2, 2017

All-new Teepublic merch store!

"Bat's all Folks!" by Clay Graham
May 1st marks the launch date of my all-new merch store on TeePublic! Throughout April I've browsed hundreds of fan art t-shirts, building an inventory, adding tons of the cool designs available.

Fans of all things genre, horror, and cult will find something neat among the 250+ designs collected so far. There's Friday the 13thEvil DeadHellraiser, and John Carpenter titles, to mention just a few! All great-looking work made by some truly amazing artists such as Beast Pop ArtWorksMike Handy ArtButcher BillyAndysocial IndustriesVic Neko Escalante, and Donovan Alex - Illustration & design.

As a show of gratitude for all that James Harris of Doc Terror and HorrorSexy done for this project, I've decided to donate everything earned throughout this month to the The James "Doc Terror" Harris Fund on Go Fund Me. Payment will be made the following month, on June 15th. Those who wish to donate to the fund directly, are encouraged to do so at https://www.gofundme.com/XTWY9QB8

You'll find the all-new store here.

VHS Lives on VHS!

Get a teaser taste of Vestra Pictures' coming documentary VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary via SRS Cinema - on VHS no less! This new VHS documentary goes deep into the psyche of VHS collectors, SOV filmmakers, VHS-inspired musicians/producers such as myself, and shows why the old VHS tapes you have rotting away in your loft are becoming antique collectors pieces!

Be sure to get your hands on this serious collectible on limited-edition VHS! Order yours here. Make sure to check out the trailer featuring He's Still Out There off my Camp Blood EP.