Friday, December 15, 2017

Triple Trailer Treat!

To paraphrase UK cult TV series The Young Ones: Have we got a video? Videogram's got the videos! Check out the three faux trailers for I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight, Subway Stalker, and Regina dei Cannibali End Titles, streaming now! 

Originally appearing on the Lunchmeat VHS​ Fanzine tape back in 2015, the videos have been updated with the remixed and remastered tracks that appear on the Videogram Redux album. 

Check them out on Bandcamp​ at, or get the full seven-minute Triple Trailer Treat VHS experience in all its lo-fi glory via my official YouTube channel here!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

All-new "Test Subject 011" review!

Head on over and check out UK's Yeah I Know It Sucks' review of my Stranger Things-inspired digital EP/7" Test Subject 011!

Summing it up as "much less gory or horrific", the EP's "more like a upbeat sensation that has that synthesizer sound from the old school highlight days", noticing the slight Donna Summer vibe (the Moog-esque bass synth pattern of Test Subject 011 is directly inspired by her Giorgio Moroder collaboration I Feel Love.)

Adding that "dancing happened" while listening to Dr Brenner and its "fanatic groove", Hawkins National Laboratory (Outro) is "massive" and "almost classical" in its style, "ready to impress anyone that sucked it up", the review is wrapped up with a recommendation to purchase the 7" version on SelectaVision.

Read the Yeah I Know It Sucks review in full here.