Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Best of 2015!

Okay, it's the final week before the X-Mas holidays and I've got a couple of updates to share with you! First up, I am super-thrilled to announce that UK distributor Code 7 Distribution chose my Pre-Cert LP/CD to kick off their Best Albums of 2015 series! Check out the nomination here, and if you're located in the UK you can get both the album and the Camp Blood EP via Norman Records here and here.

One Way Static got the LP version of my Cineploit debut back in stock, but they're already down to their last copies, so act fast and get yours here. Many thanks to those that ordered up a storm! EDIT: They're accepting pre-orders on the Camp Blood 10" EP, to be shipped out early January 2016. Check it out here.

EDIT II: Earlier this week Cineploit posted a photo of the Camp Blood EP on their official Facebook page. Check it out below and order yours direct (€16/$17, plus postage) here. You can still stream and download the digital version on my Bandcamp page here.

For those across the Atlantic, I've been informed that both the album and EP are starting to arrive in the U.S. right about now. You can pre-order them via Dusty Groove, Collector's Choice Vinyl as well as Streetlight Records in San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Cruz. Retailers Barnes & Noble and Best Buy carries them as well.

While on that subject: Even though the date has passed for me and Cineploit's album launch event on Facebook, I am updating the page with mailorders and stores that carry the records, organized alphabetically by country. Head on over here to find the one closest to your location.

Fangoria writer Sean Smithson recently launched the Funaddicts podcast, and the first episode offers topics such as Captain America: Civil War, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, toy collecting, video games and choice cuts from both my album and EP. You can stream the cast in the top video or on YouTube, and visit the official website here.

Got an initial batch of Camp Blood EP reviews to share. Neon Vice covered it twice with an initial shout-out and a proper mini-review following, calling it "pretty damn excellent" and that the "digital exclusive tracks really bring the funk" (read it in full here).

Fan favorite Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise summed it up as a "fun little remix", check that one out here. Those wanting all eight tracks available in a physical format can do so in 2016. It'll be something fun and extra, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Finally, check out the killer C.H.U.D. t-shirt I got via Camera Viscera in the U.S.!

The same horror site that offers the super-cool Stephen King badge (done classic Burger King-logo style), offers this D.A.R.E. tribute to the 1984 cult classic. I got it in the mail earlier this week and I just love it.

You can get yours via their Teepublic page, $20 plus postage, here, you'll find more goodies - including the all-new Stephen King Burger King logo enamel pin - on their bigcartel site here, and make sure to give their Facebook page a like here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Camp Blood EP digital!

Here we go: December's here and that means the digital version of the Camp Blood EP has been launched on my Bandcamp page! Featuring the five tracks from the 10" pic disc EP on Cineploit, this version adds some exclusive bonus tracks, the original 2014 version of Camp Blood as well as the Voorhees Stomp 8-bit video directed by Aaron Romero. Check it out here.

Cineploit are accepting pre-orders on the vinyl edition. And this one's a must for the collector, as it comes with gorgeous artwork courtesy German artist Andy Grail and Cursed Camp Studios. Get it directly via their website for €16/$17, plus postage, here.

In other news, iconic Starburst Magazine recently posted their review of my Pre-Cert album. Summing it up as a "fantastic compilation that plays like a best-of" and "absolutely inspired", they gave the album a whopping 8 stars out of 10! Read it in full here.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Camp Blood pre-orders!

Cineploit just announced on their official Facebook page that they are now accepting pre-orders on the December release of my Camp Blood EP. This five-track 10" pic disc vinyl record features fun remixes of both Camp Blood and Voorhees Stomp off the Pre-Cert LP/CD, with additional tracks exclusive for this release.

As an added bonus, the EP features gorgeous artwork courtesy Andy Grail and Cursed Camp Studios, making it an audio and visual treat for fans of the iconic Friday the 13th franchise. The 8-bit video, directed by Aaron Romero, received positive feedback from both the horror and gaming community, getting write-ups and shout-outs by NECA, The A.V. Club, Retro Gaming Magazine, Tom Holland's Terror Times, among others.

Digital copies will be available starting December 1st and the vinyl be released on December 18th. Pre-order your copy for €16/$17 via Cineploit direct here.

In other news, the highly-esteemed label/distributor One Way Static announced that they've picked up my Pre-Cert album for distribution. LP only, you can "grab it before it grabs you" here.

Also, Bandcamp announced their new feature enabling you to buy the complete discography from an artist at a set price. I decided to sign up, so those wanting to take the full plunge can do so - with a 25% discount. Check it out here.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pre-Cert album launch + video!

Happy Friday the 13th! Today marks the official release of the Pre-Cert LP and CD on Cineploit! To celebrate this, we've launched a Facebook event and you're all invited! Head on over here, make sure to RVSP, share it and invite your friends!

To celebrate even more, today sees the debut of my Silver Sphere video. A tribute to Don Coscarelli's cult classic Phantasm, the video is my recreation of the original 1979 trailer. You can check it out at the above mentioned Facebook event, or via my official YouTube channel here.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pre-Cert vinyl!

And here they are! The LP version of my Pre-Cert album on Cineploit is now available! The pre-orders will start shipping out today, so those that acted fast should get their copies towards the end of the week (peeps in the U.S. etc. might wanna give it an additional week).

I've yet to receive my own copies, but Cineploit themselves stated that the album both looks and sounds great, and judging by the photo they sent me I'd have to agree. Wrapped in a gatefold sleeve tribute to Lucio Fulci's video nasty classic The House by the Cemetery, the LP is pressed on 180g high quality vinyl and you can get yours for €17/$20 (the LP/CD combo might still be available for €18/$21), plus postage, here. CDs are €10/$12 and you can get the digital download version via Bandcamp here.

This week also sees the latest issue of Deadline - Das Filmmagazin hitting the stores. The November/December issue of Germany's largest independent film magazine features Samuel L. Jackson, Turbo Kid, Star Wars, Eli Roth, Ian McKellen, Glenn Danzig and a pretty damn nice review of the Pre-Cert album! Official street date is November 11th and the price is €6,50. More info via their official website here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Neon Vice Interview

Check out the all-new interview I did with Neon Vice this past weekend! Focusing mainly on the Pre-Cert LP/CD, we also cover grimy aesthetics, what the phrase "pre-cert" actually means, my soundtrack work and more. Read it in full here.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Pre-Cert digital

Here we go: Those wanting a digital download version of my coming Pre-Cert LP/CD don't have to wait any longer. As of today, the thirteen-track album is available via my official Bandcamp page. You can check it out here and give it a spin below.

The physical versions can be pre-ordered via Cineploit (CD €10/$12, gatefold LP €17/$20 and LP/CD combo €18/$21, plus postage) here and more streaming/download outlets like iTunes, Spotify etc. will be available starting November 13th.

While on the subject, the album just received a great review from The Active Listener. Summing it up as a "love letter to a bygone age", "truly beautifully executed" and "a huge amount of fun", you can read it in full here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Project Moonbase

Put on your spacesuit, head on over to Videogram friends Project Moonbase and check out their all-new Halloween special that debuted this past weekend! Featuring various artists performing songs with a horror theme, the podcast includes Horror Express off my coming Pre-Cert LP/CD - and a premiere at that! Roughly an hour in length, you can give it a spin here.

The Moonbase crew has been supportive of my music before, so make sure to check out their 2014 show Vision Receiver that features Regina dei Cannibali End Titles off my S/T album. You'll find it here.

More album tunage comes courtesy the Rock Trip show in Italy that will be airing choice cuts from my coming LP/CD as well fellow Cineploit artists Sospetto this week. The show airs daily at 10 PM CET - that's 5 PM EDT / 2 PM PDT - but you can stream it online here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pre-Cert pre-order!

And here it is! I am stoked to announce that Cineploit are now taking pre-orders for the Pre-Cert LP/CD! Thirteen tracks in total, the album sees an expansion and improvement of the themes from my 2014 S/T album and features tributes to occult horror, Friday the 13th, Italian erotica, Cannon Films, post-apocalyptic action, cannibal freakouts and more!

The LP comes with a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on quality 180g solid black vinyl, the CD comes with a LP-style wallet, and there's a LP/CD combo available if you act fast! CDs are 10/$12, LPs are 17/$20, and the LP/CD combo is available for 18/$21, plus postage. Order yours on Cineploit's official website here or via their Facebook

For a teaser taste of what to expect, give the album a spin on my official SoundCloud page.

Pre-Cert Tracklist:

01: Videogram Ident 03
02: Damien
03: Cobretti
04: Killer on Interstate 40
05: Camp Blood
06: Horror Express
07: Mangiati Vivi
08: Dawn of the Apocalypse
09: Silver Sphere
10: Voorhees Stomp
11: Le Erotici Notti di Emanuelle
12: Man is the Warmest Place to Hide
13: Videogram Ident 04

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NECA, The A.V. Club and more.

Well, it's been a interesting couple of days to say the least! The reception for the Voorhees Stomp video has been amazing - and not only from the horror community. As you can see, U.S. merchandiser NECA gave it a much-appreciated shout-out on their Facebook page early on, which was quite thrilling for both me and director Aaron Romero. If you're even remotely interested in all things cult on TV, film, gaming etc. you're already familiar with the company. Have you seen their 8-bit video game Jason Voorhees 7" action figure?

The A.V. Club gave it a write-up as well, and, to be perfectly honest, it was quite surreal seeing our work sandwiched between news about director Robert Rodriguez' coming project and America's Next Top Model. The humor of the video is coming across, as the article states that "The image of an 8-bit Jason Voorhees cutting a rug underneath a disco ball makes the video worth a watch all by itself."

Next up, writer Michael Crisman over at Retro Gaming Magazine gave it a great write-up in his Voorhees Stomp: The 8-bit Video Hit article. Stating that the video (and track) is making "one hell of a splash in both the gaming and music scenes", Michael continues that "If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, or have been tasked with providing the tunes for someone else’s, Videogram just might have what you’re looking for to make your next get-together a killer memory they’ll never forget." Much appreciated, Michael!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Voorhees Stomp (video)!

Here we go! After having a sneak preview at the Deliria Över Vienna film festival this past weekend, the all-new video for Voorhees Stomp has been officially released! Directed by Romero himself - Aaron Romero, that is - the video is a tongue-in-cheek 8-bit tribute to Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

This one turned out great! As both a fan of the iconic Friday the 13th franchise and the creator of the track I couldn't be more stoked about this one. Aaron did a great job recreating each and every kill from the movie, staying true to the original source while maintaining a sense of humor about it - horror should be fun in my opinion.

Promos are being sent out right now courtesy Cineploit, so expect this track to hit select radio stations as well as blogs and various horror sites in the near future.

The Pre-Cert LP/CD/download will be relased on November 13th and the Camp Blood 10" pic disc EP/download - featuring this track and more - will be available starting December 18th.

EDIT: The video's gotten a nice selection of write-ups and shout-outs during the week. Many thanks to Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise,  Skullbanger Media, Horror Talk, Daily Dead and Swedish site Monsterdiggare for the support! Check them out.

EDIT II: More much-appreciated write ups comes courtesy Holly's Horrorland (comes complete with a link where you can play the original Friday the 13th NES game online!), Icons of Fright and Tom Holland's Terror Time!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Voorhees Stomp!

Check it out! Last night saw the on-air debut of Voorhees Stomp off the coming Pre-Cert LP/CD (and the Camp Blood 10" EP) as Austria's ORF FM4 show House of Pain aired a special on Cineploit and its artists.

The language is Austrian, but the special begins at roughly 23:01:00 and Voorhees Stomp at roughly 23:12:55. The special also includes a taste from Zoltan's coming tribute to Don Coscarelli's 1979 classic Phantasm and more!

Available to stream for the next seven days (not too sure as my German isn't that great and there is a bit of a difference between that and Austrian), you can check it out here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Release dates!

Check it out; Cineploit just announced the release dates for my coming records on their official Facebook page and website.

Friday the 13th of November is the official street date of the Pre-Cert LP/CD. The LP will be pressed on 180 gram solid black vinyl and comes with a gatefold sleeve, with the first 250 copies having a bonus CD. The CD version will be released in an LP-style wallet sleeve. Thirteen tracks in total.

Friday the 18th of December - just in time for your New Year's Eve party! - the Camp Blood EP will be released on a 10" pic disc. A five-track tribute to the Friday the 13th franchise, it features a remixed and partly rerecorded version of the 2014 digital single track, with some extended versions, mash-ups and exclusive tracks.

Stay tuned for more info and make sure to sign up for my newsletter here!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Outpost 31 Isn't Responding

Check it out: My two-track tribute to John Carpenter's sci-horror film The Thing, Outpost 31 Isn't Responding, has been released digitally today.

Taken from the same sessions as the coming Pre-Cert LP/CD on Cineploit, these tracks are exclusive to the release and won't appear anywhere else.

The title track is heavily inspired by the feel composer Ennio Morricone created for the 1982 classic, and I set out to create a similar sort of theme-quality, really taking my time with it.

The single comes with a gorgeous sleeve created by U.S. artist Van Davis that truly captures not only the vibe of the movie, but the title track as well! I couldn't be more stoked having his work used as a presentation of my music, so make sure you check out his portfolio here!

The single is available for purchase via my official Bandcamp page, and will also appear on iTunes, Deezer etc. later on. Give it a spin below!

EDIT: If you act fast and head on over to Cineploit's official Facebook page you can enter their contest to win a free download of the single!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Outpost 31 Isn't Responding (video)

Check out the all-new teaser video for Outpost 31 Isn't Responding on my YouTube channel! Taken from a coming two-track digital release, this single is a tribute to John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi horror classic The Thing.

The tracks will not appear on the coming Pre-Cert LP/CD on Cineploit, and are exclusive to this release and comes with gorgeous artwork courtesy U.S. artist Van Davis. Out soon!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Ch-ch-check it out!


Cineploit just made it official on their Facebook, so feast your eyes on the coming Camp Blood pic disc 10" EP! Featuring artwork by Andy Grail and a photo courtesy Cursed Camp Studios, this vinyl release will be released on Friday, November 13th! Five tracks in total, the EP features all-new tracks plus a remixed and re-recorded version of the 2014 digital single Camp Blood.

This one both looks and sounds great and I can't wait to see it released. Many thanks to the artists that helped put amazing visuals to my music. Check out Andy's portfolio here, you'll find Cursed Camp Studios here and their Facebook pages can be found here and here.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Radio-Aktivität II

Check out the interview I did on WCUW's Radio of Horror last week! Covering mainly Videogram, we also get to talk about H.R. Giger as well as my coming Cineploit album and Camp Blood EP. Check out their website here and give them a like on Facebook here!

More radio-aktivität can be found via XWave Radio that'll start playing select cuts from my previous albums next week. Check them out here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kodak Moment!

Here we go, got this in the mail earlier this week, my own copy of the Lunchmeat VHS tape! It looks great and I am damn satisfied having released this one. Like I already posted on my Facebook, this one sold out in no time, but if you want the digital version - complete with the VHS master of the S/T album - head on over to to get it.

The VHS has gotten some nice reviews and shout-outs these past days. Make sure to check out what Deaducated, The Scream Review, The Rotting Zombie and Holly's Horrorland had to say about it!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lunchmeat VHS!

Yes! Here it is! I couldn't be more excited to announce the second physical Videogram release, the Lunchmeat VHS! Released in collaboration with Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine and Doc Terror, this limited-edition VHS features the complete 2014 S/T album in visual form, edited as a faux-trailer show. Fourteen videos in total complete with idents.

But that's not all! We went out of our way to make this one as beefy as possible, so as an added bonus the VHS includes a 3D version - with glasses included! Wrapped in a clambox shell and featuring artwork by Loud Comix' illustrator Jamie Vayda, these are available via Lunchmeat's official website only, and, to make it fair for everyone, there are no pre-orders taken. Get it here.

EDIT: The VHS has sold out. Thank you everyone for the support!

EDIT II: A digital version of the VHS is now available via! It includes the complete 34-minute VHS with a bonus download of the VHS-remaster of the S/T album. Get it here.

To commemorate this trés cool release, and give the awesome work Jamie did its due, I am also doing a one-time campaign on Teespring. Screenprinted in blood-red ink on premium yellow t-shirts (giallo, get it?), these limited-edition t-shirts are gorgeous and available in all sizes (S - 3XL). Once they're gone they will not be reprinted, so make sure to reserve yours today! Get it here.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Check it out: As of now Deep Red Radio - Das Filmmagazin's post-apocalyptic/cyborg special can be streamed and downloaded via their official SoundCloud page. Featuring 2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse off my S/T album, the roughly 40 minute show includes fellow Cineploit artists and a cool intro by Jean-Claude Van Damme!

While on the subject, last week saw the launch of the HorrorSexy podcast. Debuting with an episode focusing on screeners, I'm happy to say they decided to use Regina dei Cannibali End Titles as a title theme. Two episodes are online so far. Check 'em out!

UPDATE: Just received word that the HorrorSexy podcast can be downloaded for free on iTunes here.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Radioactivity, is in the air for you and me...

Deutsche leute should make sure to tune in to Deep Red Radio - Das Filmmagazin this month as they air a post-apocalyptic special that features not only 2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse off my 2014 S/T album, but fellow Cineploit artists as well. Dates and time are as follows:

13.04 - 12:00 UHR (Montag)
17.04 - 12:00 UHR (Freitag)
20.04 - 12:00 UHR (Montag)
24.04 - 12:00 UHR (Freitag)

You'll find more information about the show - and where those living outside Germany can stream it - on their Facebook here and official site here. For more German action make sure to check out Film Maniax' The Swedish Raider of the Apocalypse - Ein Gespräch mit Magnus Sellergren here. Schüss!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Interview with Trash Mutant

Check it out. Did an interview with Trash Mutant earlier this week (what a great name!) covering all sorts of topics like the all-new Cobretti EP, my influences, punk rock past and the 1980s VHS explosion to name just a few.

I enjoyed this one and think it came out great! Read it here and give them a like on Facebook here. And tell them I sent ya!

The EP has received more reviews and shout-outs. Bloody Good Horror, Bucketlist Music Reviews and The Action Elite have all been giving this project some much-appreciated support. And Six Foot Plus aired Camp Blood during their recent Friday the 13th-themed show, so make sure to give it a spin here.

Monday, March 9, 2015


This is where the law stops and I start. The all-new Cobretti EP was released today on my Bandcamp! Featuring one track from the coming Cineploit full length, two exclusive ones (including one collaboration with D.A. Medina), you get all three tracks for $3, the whole EP inspired by the Cannon Group action classic Cobra.

The video - using footage from said movie - was launched on my official YouTube channel, and has been receiving some pretty cool feedback so far, so make sure to check it out and feel free to share it on your social media.

UPDATE: The first week's batch of reviews are in. A ton of thank-yous go out to Cinema Slasher, Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine, Horror Sexy, Horror Sci-Fi and More, The Scream Review and The Rotting Zombie for the much-appreciated support. Make sure to check them all out, give them a "like" and tell them I sent ya!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Coming soon!

Crime is a disease. Meet the cure. Check out the all-new artwork for my coming Cobretti EP! For those wanting a teaser taste of the coming Cineploit album, the EP features one track off the yet-to-be titled full length with two exclusive bonus tracks - one featuring an appearance by D.A. Medina - all a tribute to George P. Cosmatos' 1986 action cult classic Cobra starring Sylvester Stallone. Out pretty soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


As February is coming to a close I figured it was time for an update: The second physical Videogram release is in the works right now as I finished up my end of it this past week.

Both Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine and Doc Terror/Horror Sexy are in on this, Loud Comix' Jamie Vayda did the artwork and I don't wanna ruin the surprise, but it's gonna be a pretty insane one that I hope will make people as psyched as I was creating it. Teasers will be posted later on!

The Cineploit album is coming along quite nicely. I've been mixing a lot of drum tracks this past week (I just finished up one tonight) and soundwise this one's gonna be a pretty beefy album - if you liked my Camp Blood single this'll be right up your alley.

For those wanting a taste there's probably gonna be a digital EP released soon-ish featuring one album track with some exclusive bonus tracks - including one that has some choice synths courtesy D.A. Medina. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 9, 2015


Check it out: Loud Comix' own Jamie Vayda (and lil' Bandit) is seen proudly flying the Videogram colors. Jamie designed the great artwork - a tribute to Dennis Donelly's sleazed-out 1978 video nasty The Toolbox Murders. I love Jamie's style, it actually reminds me a bit of Peter Bagge, and he did a killer job with this design!

These and other designs will be made available later on, so make sure to give my Facebook page a like for updates. While on that subject, check out Jamie's illustrator page and give his comics a like as well! If you're into punk rock, you'll find the band page for his outfit The Stovebolts here.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

D.A. Medina

Time for an update: As I'm listening back to the first track from our collaboration, I am happy to announce that U.S.-based musician D.A. Medina will be adding some choice synths on a couple of tracks on my coming Cineploit debut.

Daniel's 2013 album You'll Get Used to It is a personal fave, offering up a truly unique sound that injects a healthy dose of experimentation and avant garde into the mix. Make sure to check it out on Bandcamp here and give him a like on Facebook as well.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Videogram Ident 1

Time to premiere the all-new video/trailer for the Videogram Ident 1! Since this project began as a tribute to the VHS experience of the 1980s - especially the trailer show tapes you could rent for cheap -  I figured I should have an ident/logo that showcased the films available on this faux label.

Check it out on my YouTube channel here and make sure to give the other videos a spin as well!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Film Maniax!

The Swedish Raider of the Apocalypse.

Head on over to Germany's Film Maniax for an all-new interview covering my influences, my recent teaming up with Cineploit and my soundtrack work for both The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West and John Brito's Shadows of Prey.

For those not fluent in German, fear not as it comes complete with an English translation (and, for the record, mein Deutsch sind sehr slecht auch!) Check it out here.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New Year!

I am thrilled to start this off by announcing that I am teaming up with Euro label Cineploit. Home of artists such as Orgasmo Sonore and Zoltan (to name just a few), I am very excited about joining their roster and can't wait to take this project to the next level.

2014 was such a great year, and the six-month support Videogram was shown by the international horror community nothing short of amazing. I am looking forward to get to work and give them a great second album!

Read more here.

EDIT: Received a nice write-up courtesy Horror Sexy. Check it out here.