Thursday, November 19, 2015

Camp Blood pre-orders!

Cineploit just announced on their official Facebook page that they are now accepting pre-orders on the December release of my Camp Blood EP. This five-track 10" pic disc vinyl record features fun remixes of both Camp Blood and Voorhees Stomp off the Pre-Cert LP/CD, with additional tracks exclusive for this release.

As an added bonus, the EP features gorgeous artwork courtesy Andy Grail and Cursed Camp Studios, making it an audio and visual treat for fans of the iconic Friday the 13th franchise. The 8-bit video, directed by Aaron Romero, received positive feedback from both the horror and gaming community, getting write-ups and shout-outs by NECA, The A.V. Club, Retro Gaming Magazine, Tom Holland's Terror Times, among others.

Digital copies will be available starting December 1st and the vinyl be released on December 18th. Pre-order your copy for €16/$17 via Cineploit direct here.

In other news, the highly-esteemed label/distributor One Way Static announced that they've picked up my Pre-Cert album for distribution. LP only, you can "grab it before it grabs you" here.

Also, Bandcamp announced their new feature enabling you to buy the complete discography from an artist at a set price. I decided to sign up, so those wanting to take the full plunge can do so - with a 25% discount. Check it out here.

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