Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pre-Cert vinyl!

And here they are! The LP version of my Pre-Cert album on Cineploit is now available! The pre-orders will start shipping out today, so those that acted fast should get their copies towards the end of the week (peeps in the U.S. etc. might wanna give it an additional week).

I've yet to receive my own copies, but Cineploit themselves stated that the album both looks and sounds great, and judging by the photo they sent me I'd have to agree. Wrapped in a gatefold sleeve tribute to Lucio Fulci's video nasty classic The House by the Cemetery, the LP is pressed on 180g high quality vinyl and you can get yours for €17/$20 (the LP/CD combo might still be available for €18/$21), plus postage, here. CDs are €10/$12 and you can get the digital download version via Bandcamp here.

This week also sees the latest issue of Deadline - Das Filmmagazin hitting the stores. The November/December issue of Germany's largest independent film magazine features Samuel L. Jackson, Turbo Kid, Star Wars, Eli Roth, Ian McKellen, Glenn Danzig and a pretty damn nice review of the Pre-Cert album! Official street date is November 11th and the price is €6,50. More info via their official website here.

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