"For fans of old school slashers and those who miss browsing the aisles of Blockbuster for the latest horror releases on VHS, this contemporary re-imagining of a lovable niche genre is just the ticket to bring you back to those glory days."
- Performer Magazine

Often imitated, never duplicated, Videogram is the original 1980s VHS-inspired horror synth project and brainchild of Swedish composer/producer Magnus Sellergren.

Since its inception in early 2014, Videogram’s been in the front lines of the horror synth movement, reinventing the genre, and pushing it forward with expert musicianship, exquisite arrangements, and high-quality production.

Always innovative, over the years Videogram’s unique brand of VHS-flavored horror synth has received worldwide recognition from the international horror community, pop culture media, film industry professionals as well as the music industry itself. 

"...Videogram keeps putting out really interesting stuff, making things that nobody else is doing, and finding a really fresh way to reanimate (...) cult classics. The influence these movies have on him are easy to hear, but it's what he does with those influences that really shines."
- Trash Mutant


1. Videogram originated out of Call Me Greenhorn's L'Isola dei Morti Viventi, arguably the first faux horror soundtrack album, released in August 2013.

2. Videogram's 2014 S/T debut album marked a first, not only for VHS-inspired horror synth, but also introducing the concept of opening and ending an album with idents.

3. Every week since 2014, Videogram's had at least one release in the Top 20 in the, among others, horror soundtrack, retro synth, electronic horror, and Friday the 13th categories on Bandcamp.com.

4. In December 2015, Videogram's Pre-Cert LP/CD was made part of UK distributor Code 7 Distribution's Best Album of 2015 series.

5. In April 2018, Videogram's Test Subject 011 7" was selected Vinyl of the Month by Performer Magazine.

6. Since 2016, Videogram has collaborated with French artists Acid Washed and Andrew Claristidge, whose previous collaborative efforts include Moby and Jimmy Somerville.

7. A VHS tape collector, Magnus Sellergren has appeared and had Videogram's music featured in Vestra Pictures' two-part documentary VHS Lives in 2017.

8. Magnus Sellergren has a Bacon Number of 2.

9. Magnus Sellergren is an associate producer of the RoboDoc: The Creation of Robocop documentary.

10. Magnus Sellergren is the originator of the August 18, 1973 grass roots movement celebrating Tobe Hooper's iconic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, having launched it with his S/T art print series in August 2013.

11: Magnus Sellergren was the recipient of the Ljungby municipality culture award in 1999.