Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Project Moonbase

Put on your spacesuit, head on over to Videogram friends Project Moonbase and check out their all-new Halloween special that debuted this past weekend! Featuring various artists performing songs with a horror theme, the podcast includes Horror Express off my coming Pre-Cert LP/CD - and a premiere at that! Roughly an hour in length, you can give it a spin here.

The Moonbase crew has been supportive of my music before, so make sure to check out their 2014 show Vision Receiver that features Regina dei Cannibali End Titles off my S/T album. You'll find it here.

More album tunage comes courtesy the Rock Trip show in Italy that will be airing choice cuts from my coming LP/CD as well fellow Cineploit artists Sospetto this week. The show airs daily at 10 PM CET - that's 5 PM EDT / 2 PM PDT - but you can stream it online here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pre-Cert pre-order!

And here it is! I am stoked to announce that Cineploit are now taking pre-orders for the Pre-Cert LP/CD! Thirteen tracks in total, the album sees an expansion and improvement of the themes from my 2014 S/T album and features tributes to occult horror, Friday the 13th, Italian erotica, Cannon Films, post-apocalyptic action, cannibal freakouts and more!

The LP comes with a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on quality 180g solid black vinyl, the CD comes with a LP-style wallet, and there's a LP/CD combo available if you act fast! CDs are 10/$12, LPs are 17/$20, and the LP/CD combo is available for 18/$21, plus postage. Order yours on Cineploit's official website here or via their Facebook

For a teaser taste of what to expect, give the album a spin on my official SoundCloud page.

Pre-Cert Tracklist:

01: Videogram Ident 03
02: Damien
03: Cobretti
04: Killer on Interstate 40
05: Camp Blood
06: Horror Express
07: Mangiati Vivi
08: Dawn of the Apocalypse
09: Silver Sphere
10: Voorhees Stomp
11: Le Erotici Notti di Emanuelle
12: Man is the Warmest Place to Hide
13: Videogram Ident 04

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NECA, The A.V. Club and more.

Well, it's been a interesting couple of days to say the least! The reception for the Voorhees Stomp video has been amazing - and not only from the horror community. As you can see, U.S. merchandiser NECA gave it a much-appreciated shout-out on their Facebook page early on, which was quite thrilling for both me and director Aaron Romero. If you're even remotely interested in all things cult on TV, film, gaming etc. you're already familiar with the company. Have you seen their 8-bit video game Jason Voorhees 7" action figure?

The A.V. Club gave it a write-up as well, and, to be perfectly honest, it was quite surreal seeing our work sandwiched between news about director Robert Rodriguez' coming project and America's Next Top Model. The humor of the video is coming across, as the article states that "The image of an 8-bit Jason Voorhees cutting a rug underneath a disco ball makes the video worth a watch all by itself."

Next up, writer Michael Crisman over at Retro Gaming Magazine gave it a great write-up in his Voorhees Stomp: The 8-bit Video Hit article. Stating that the video (and track) is making "one hell of a splash in both the gaming and music scenes", Michael continues that "If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, or have been tasked with providing the tunes for someone else’s, Videogram just might have what you’re looking for to make your next get-together a killer memory they’ll never forget." Much appreciated, Michael!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Voorhees Stomp (video)!

Here we go! After having a sneak preview at the Deliria Ă–ver Vienna film festival this past weekend, the all-new video for Voorhees Stomp has been officially released! Directed by Romero himself - Aaron Romero, that is - the video is a tongue-in-cheek 8-bit tribute to Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan.

This one turned out great! As both a fan of the iconic Friday the 13th franchise and the creator of the track I couldn't be more stoked about this one. Aaron did a great job recreating each and every kill from the movie, staying true to the original source while maintaining a sense of humor about it - horror should be fun in my opinion.

Promos are being sent out right now courtesy Cineploit, so expect this track to hit select radio stations as well as blogs and various horror sites in the near future.

The Pre-Cert LP/CD/download will be relased on November 13th and the Camp Blood 10" pic disc EP/download - featuring this track and more - will be available starting December 18th.

EDIT: The video's gotten a nice selection of write-ups and shout-outs during the week. Many thanks to Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise,  Skullbanger Media, Horror Talk, Daily Dead and Swedish site Monsterdiggare for the support! Check them out.

EDIT II: More much-appreciated write ups comes courtesy Holly's Horrorland (comes complete with a link where you can play the original Friday the 13th NES game online!), Icons of Fright and Tom Holland's Terror Time!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Voorhees Stomp!

Check it out! Last night saw the on-air debut of Voorhees Stomp off the coming Pre-Cert LP/CD (and the Camp Blood 10" EP) as Austria's ORF FM4 show House of Pain aired a special on Cineploit and its artists.

The language is Austrian, but the special begins at roughly 23:01:00 and Voorhees Stomp at roughly 23:12:55. The special also includes a taste from Zoltan's coming tribute to Don Coscarelli's 1979 classic Phantasm and more!

Available to stream for the next seven days (not too sure as my German isn't that great and there is a bit of a difference between that and Austrian), you can check it out here.