Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Charles Bronson

So, December's here, the 2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse 7" lathe cut has sold out and I figured it's time to wrap things up for 2014 by releasing one more video for the Videogram album, Charles Bronson!

Edited as a sort of cheesy/cheeky theme for a TV action series, I had a lot of fun creating the faux subtitles, although some took forever and required way more lipreading skills than I thought I had.

So, check it out, help out spreading the word and Happy Holidays!

EDIT: To celebrate these amazing six months and the appreciation the Videogram project has been shown I am offering a 10% discount on all the releases on my Bandcamp page. Use the discount code "humbug" when you check out tp apply. Offer expires at 11:59pm UTC on Dec. 31st.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giveaway and reviews!

Check it out: Holly's Horrorland is giving away one free download of my S/T album. To enter, comment with your name and a valid email address here. A winner will be picked on December 13th. And how about that video featuring artwork by Saccstry!

UK's own The Rotting Zombie just posted a review of said album, summing it up as "...a collection of the most awesome soundtracks to films that never got made." This is a great review, and I really got a kick out of reading about Daniel driving through deserted industrial areas while listening to Walpurgisnacht and easily imagining zombies coming out of the shadows. Read it here.

More reviews can be found over at The Horror Movie Maniac. Summing it up as "addicting", Lauder also dubs Walpurgisnacht as her fave, but I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight, Eaten Alive and Charles Bronson are given honorable mentions. It's a cool review, check it out here.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Photo Op

Check it out, Mike of Mike Daks Design - who did the sleeve for my S/T album - is seen here posing with his copy of the 2077:Raiders of the Apocalypse lathe 7". Looking good, Mike! Make sure to give his Facebook page a "like" here.

I just checked and there are now five copies left of the 7". Buy it via my Bandcamp for $11 plus postage and get a free digital download that includes an mp4 of the video. Get it here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More reviews

ruemorgue150review"Another skillfully crafted faux soundtrack album grounded in retro electronica."

So the 150th issue of Rue Morgue Magazine has hit the streets, leading to a much-appreciated increase in the amount of "likes" on my Facebook page, and James Harris of Doc Terror kindly sent me a photo to check out while waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Receiving a three-star review, it was nice getting the comparison to both John Carpenter as well as Goblin, but the Morricone aspect was a bit of a surprise - although the guy's the soundtrack maestro so I am not complaining!

Once again, you can order your copy here, so check it out!

Chelseea Benwell offers more Videogram reviews on The Scream Review page. Summing it up as "a horror hit pulled straight out of the 80s", she calls the album "right on the money" and names Walpurgisnacht, I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight and Scavolini's Nightmare her personal faves.

Check it out here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rue Morgue #150!

Well, the 150th issue of Rue Morgue Magazine is out and offers not only articles on Aussie horror flick The Babadook - I've heard a lot of good things about it - the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within, but also a review of my debut effort. Still haven't gotten my copy yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it got a good review. Get yours here.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse

November 3rd sees the release of an extremely limited edition 7" lathe cut and to coincide with this I'm premiering the 2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse video on YouTube. Edited as a faux trailer using footage from the 1975 feature A Boy and His Dog - starring a very young Don Johnson! - the video itself will be released in a physical format later on this year.

Featuring mono mixes of 2077: Raiders of the Apocalypse, off the Videogram album, backed with the exclusive Wasteland, the 7" is also available digitally via Bandcamp, iTunes etc. with stereo mixes and a vinyl rip (!!!) as added bonus tracks.

For those wanting a taste you can stream it on SoundCloud and Spotify. The 7" will be available via my Facebook only, so make sure to keep an eye out during the day.

EDIT: The 7" is now available to order via my Bandcamp page, with a free download (including an mp4 of the video) as an added bonus. Get it here.

Hermit: Monster Killer

Check it out, I teamed up with Swedish director Ola Paulakoski for the teaser trailer of his coming feature film Hermit: Monster Killer (Swedish title Den Gamle och Monstret) that was released in time for Halloween.

Mixing horror with humor, the feature is slated for release in early 2015. Check it out on YouTube and Vimeo, like it on Facebook and visit the official websites at www.hermitmonsterkiller.com (English) and www.dengamleochmonstret.se (Swedish) for more information.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Guts 2

Check it out: Just in time for Halloween UK label Graveyard Calling releases their second installment in the freebie compilation series Pumpkin Guts. Featuring all sorts of horror-inspired sounds, this 26-track album offers everything from "hellish horrorpunk, sinister synthwave, demonic dubstep and devilish disco" - including Walpurgisnacht off my first Videogram album. Get it here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Camp Blood Reviews II

So, second week in on the release of the Camp Blood single it's time to collect the latest reviews and plugs it's been receiving. Once again, I'm pretty damn stoked by the reception and am keeping my fingers crossed this'll continue until October 31st.

Rue Morgue gave it a nice plug on their website, urging their readers to "grab your hockey mask and spear gun and check it out", The Broke Horror Fan added you should play it if you "Want the trick-or-treaters to dance to your door", The Horrormovies Blog gave it a much-appreciated plug and UK's The Rotting Zombie gave it a nice plug calling the video editing "really well done" and the track "a catchy little three minutes." Links are below so make sure you check them out.

While on the subject of the Halloween track, it's now available via both Deezer and Google Play. Get it here and here.

Rue Morgue review
The Broke Horror Fan plug
The Horrormovies Blog plug
The Rotting Zombie review

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Camp Blood Reviews

Well, the first week since the launch of Camp Blood has passed and I figured I'd make a round up of the initial batch of reviews that's been coming in. The response to the track has been thrilling to say the least. It seems like both the horror community and fans "got" the song immediately, which is great 'cause that was my ambition.

The Year of Halloween gave it a plug in the October news post Something Wicked This Way ComesFriday the 13th: The Franchise called the track "great" and summed up the video as "gold", Horror Sci-Fi & More wrote a short-but-sweet plug stating it is a "special Halloween treat for the Friday the 13th fans out there" and I really like The Horror Movie Maniac's pretty humorous blurb "filled to the brim with screams and plenty of thrills that'll allow you to show off your "killer" dance skills."

Next came Bloody Disgusting's Get Your Jason Voorhees Groove On With Videogram's "Camp Blood" that really had my Bandcamp stats exploding, summing up the track as "catchy", "total 80's horror synth" and "perfect for your Halloween party!" The Scream Review wrote a nice piece about the single, calling it a "gem" "that really sets the tone for horror inspired music", and earlier today Cinema Slasher posted a review calling it "even more hilariously awesome than you'd probably expecting it to be." Check them all out!

The Year of Halloween: Plug.
Friday the 13th: The Franchise: Review.
Horror Sci-Fi & More: Plug.
The Horror Movie Maniac: Plug.
Bloody Disgusting: Review.
The Scream Review: Review.
Cinema Slasher: Review.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camp Blood single

I don't always ch ch ch, but when I do I ah ah ah... October's finally here and I am stoked to announce to release the Camp Blood single. Not only 'cause I think the track turned pretty cool, but also as a fellow horror fan 'cause it's just one big "nudge nudge, wink wink" for the Friday the 13th fans.

Available as of now via my Bandcamp, plus iTunes and Amazon (my provider is a bit so-so meaning other streaming services will be added later on), you can also check out the video on my YouTube and give the track a spin on my SoundCloud as well.

Bandcamp: http://goo.gl/NDcVP7
iTunes: http://goo.gl/T3hJQu
Amazon: http://goo.gl/IKOvs8
SoundCloud: http://goo.gl/uzUYMF
YouTube: http://goo.gl/d9li9R

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Camp Blood video

The all-new video for my coming Halloween track Camp Blood is online. Using footage from Sisworo Gautama Putra's Indonesian 1981 Friday the 13th knockoff Srigala, I think this one turned out pretty funny.

The track will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp etc. on October 1st. Check it out, spread the word and watch the other videos on my official YouTube channel here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Like I already wrote on Facebook: If you've got a party planned on Halloween you're gonna need something to dance to, right? Videogram's Camp Blood is out on October 1st.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight

The all-new video for I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight is up and streaming on YouTube today. Using footage from the Irish (?) 1976 shocker Naked Massacre (aka Born for Hell) that's considered to be in the public domain, this thing turned out quite nasty - or beautifully nasty as one fan commented on Facebook - ending up with a sort of Lucio Fulci New York Ripper-type feel.

Check it out, feel free to repost and help spread the word. Cheers!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Coming soon!

Following the debut Videogram video Regina dei Cannibali End Titles comes I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight. The track - as well as the video - is heavily inspired by Bill Lustig's 1980 slasher classic Maniac and so far it's turning out pretty gritty.

Currently in the works, this will most likely premiere on YouTube towards the end of August, but in the mean time you can give the track a spin on Bandcamp here. Check out the first video below.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stream, baby, stream!

Say hello to Aunt Alicia!

While currently working on the various physical editions of the Videogram album - read more on what's coming in my interview with Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine here - I figured I'd round up the streaming services that's available as of now.

First off, the full 16-track VHS trailer-show version is available via my Bandcamp only, so if you wanna experience it you should head on over here and plop down $7 to get it. Keep in mind that Bandcamp is the only service that allows DIY/indie artists to keep all the revenue generated from sales, and considering said revenue will finance my own physical edition that's sure to have vinyl fans salivating you might wanna go with that option.

Second, my SoundCloud page offers some choice cuts taken from the album (not available for download, tho!) and in the future I figure I'll post demos and rough ideas as well, so it's definitely worth checking out. It's also a great way to get in touch with fellow fans and musicians and discover some cool new music, so visit me here and maybe even hit that "follow" button.

Streaming and download services:

Amazon http://goo.gl/rnq4FG
Bandcamp http://goo.gl/0HxZG4
Deezer http://goo.gl/c9pQzu
eMusic http://goo.gl/QlZdoD
Google Play http://goo.gl/SER9IH
Groove4Less http://goo.gl/8QbqLC
iTunes http://goo.gl/pwnLzC
Last.FM http://goo.gl/HbCF1z
Rdio http://goo.gl/wMc0PK
SoundCloud http://goo.gl/xXm8S5
Spotify http://goo.gl/cMDkgN

Reviews and interviews

You heard the news?
July has passed and Doc Terror's Italian Horror Week as well as the Videogram project and debut album was launched, both receiving a much-encouraging response from the horror community.

I culled together the first batch of interviews, reviews etc. posted throughout July/early-August, and in the future I'll post them on this blog as soon as they're online.

So, make sure to check them out and let me know if you've given it a write-up. Cheers to all that helped spread the word. It's much appreciated!

Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine: Facebook (scroll down)
Profondo Rosso: Cult Italian Cinema: Facebook (scroll down)
Gorilla Film Magazine: Write-up
Anti-Christer: Review (Swedish language)
Doc Terror: Review and interview
The Dead Air: Podcast
The Horror Section: Plug
Doc Terror (review of the Regina dei Cannibali End Titles video): Review
Anti-Christer: Review
Horror Sci-Fi and More: Facebook (scroll down)
Project Moonbase: Podcast
Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine: Review and interview