Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stream, baby, stream!

Say hello to Aunt Alicia!

While currently working on the various physical editions of the Videogram album - read more on what's coming in my interview with Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine here - I figured I'd round up the streaming services that's available as of now.

First off, the full 16-track VHS trailer-show version is available via my Bandcamp only, so if you wanna experience it you should head on over here and plop down $7 to get it. Keep in mind that Bandcamp is the only service that allows DIY/indie artists to keep all the revenue generated from sales, and considering said revenue will finance my own physical edition that's sure to have vinyl fans salivating you might wanna go with that option.

Second, my SoundCloud page offers some choice cuts taken from the album (not available for download, tho!) and in the future I figure I'll post demos and rough ideas as well, so it's definitely worth checking out. It's also a great way to get in touch with fellow fans and musicians and discover some cool new music, so visit me here and maybe even hit that "follow" button.

Streaming and download services:

Amazon http://goo.gl/rnq4FG
Bandcamp http://goo.gl/0HxZG4
Deezer http://goo.gl/c9pQzu
eMusic http://goo.gl/QlZdoD
Google Play http://goo.gl/SER9IH
Groove4Less http://goo.gl/8QbqLC
iTunes http://goo.gl/pwnLzC
Last.FM http://goo.gl/HbCF1z
Rdio http://goo.gl/wMc0PK
SoundCloud http://goo.gl/xXm8S5
Spotify http://goo.gl/cMDkgN

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