Thursday, June 28, 2018


I'm thrilled to receive the news that Videogram is now a specific category/subject on YouTube! Check it out here, stream the Top Tracks playlist here and make sure to check out the videos on my official YouTube channel here. And don't forget to hit subscribe!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Choice Cuts 2014 - 2018!

I'm excited to announce that my Choice Cuts 2014 - 2018 compilation on SelectaVision, marking the four-year anniversary of the Videogram horror synth project, has just been released.

The second installment in the redux series, this fourteen-track collection culls album, EP, and single tracks from this project's 20+ discography, as well as previously unreleased material such as my collaboration with Acid Washed's Andrew Claristidge and the scrapped Slasher EP - all remixed and remastered specifically for this album!

The compilation is out now, available on both CD and as a special-priced digital download. Get it here.

Trash Mutant Interview!

After a six-month hiatus, Trash Mutant's back - and with an all-new Videogram interview to boot! The last time me and SeƱor Editor chatted was back in March, 2015 - read it here - so it was nice to catch up on things.

Covering my all-new compilation Choice Cuts 2014 - 2018, my work ethic, creativity and prolificacy, the mainstream's increased interest and appreciation of all things genre, the VHS Lives documentary, and the 2018 version of John Carpenter's Halloween, etc. etc. it was quite fun to do. Read it here.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Another Year Not Dead!

For a second taste off Videogram's Choice Cuts compilation, head on over to Brutal Resonance's official Bandcamp page and download their all-new compilation Another Year Not Dead!

The 24-track compilation features The Demogorgon, an initial taste from the Videogram and Andrew Claristidge collaboration sessions. The track marked a first and sees me and the Acid Washed member head into industrial territory, drawing influences from, among others, Front 242, Ministry and RevCo.

The fourteen-track Choice Cuts 2014 - 2018 compilation will be available on June 25. You can pre-order via Amazon, Bandcamp, Deezer, Google Play, and iTunes. You can download the Brutal Resonance compilation here.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Choice Cuts!

June 25 marks the four-year anniversary of Videogram, as the S/T album - rereleased last year as Videogram Redux - made its debut to coincide with Doc Terror's Italian Horror Week.

To celebrate this, SelectaVision is releasing the Choice Cuts 2014 - 2018 compilation on CD and digital! The fourteen-track album culls tracks from all official Videogram releases with additional bonus tracks - all remixed and remastered specifically for this release.

The album includes a taste from the Videogram and Andrew Claristidge sessions, a demo from the scrapped Slasher EP, outtakes, tracks from the Pre-Cert LP/CD, the Gladiatori dell'Apocalisse and Camp Blood EPs, as well as tracks from omitted releases such as the Cobretti three-track EP.

The release date is set to June 25, but pre-orders of both the digital release and CD are available on Bandcamp now.