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Choice Cuts 2014-2018:

"There is so much to enjoy and take from this album; it really is a love letter dedicated to the past. Every track seemingly sparks a memory or at the very least a vivid recollection of a much cherished time, and when VHS was king. Videogram have a special gift of regenerating a past environment, unlocking a door to the past – and if you enjoy that particular kind of trip  – then hop on board. This album is guaranteed to take you there and never let you down."
Darren Allison, Cinema Retro

Test Subject 011:

"For fans of old school slashers and those who miss browsing the aisles of Blockbuster for the latest horror releases on VHS, this contemporary re-imagining of a lovable niche genre is just the ticket to bring you back to those glory days."
Performer Magazine

"It’s a perfect balance of both tight 'n' tense, an instrumental track which is laced with a retro Moroderesque back beat - rendering it both groovy and pretty damn good!"
Darren Allison, Cinema Retro

"...Magnus' music is just as intense, just as driving, just as aurally intoxicating here as on his other albums."
Michael Chrisman

"...totally embodies the otherwordly sci-fi eeriness of the show and characters, both in sounds and in its artwork."
Popcorn Horror

"...described by the artist as instrumental horror synth, but personally I feel it's much less gory or horrific, it's more like a upbeat sensation that has that synthesizer sound from the old school highlight days"
Yeah I Know It Sucks


"The Swedish producer's arrangement of the "Halloween" theme keeps the core of the original intact while giving it a bit of a brand new edge."
- Trash Mutant

Gladiatori dell'Apocalisse EP:

"Overall, it’s an excellent piece of work that should continue to see Videogram’s reputation (along with their commitment to the retro soundtrack genre) progress steadily up the ladder."
- Cinema Retro

Camp Blood EP:

"The image of an 8-Bit Jason Voorhees cutting a rug underneath a disco ball makes the video worth a watch all by itself."
- The A.V. Club

"...pretty damn excellent, (the) digital exclusive tracks really bring the funk."
- NeonVice 

"...another fun music remix"
- Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise 

"...five tracks of pure electronic bliss that would even get Jason Voorhees himself to cut a mean rug"
- Bloody Disgusting 

"...cleverly maintains a mix of both 80s funky synths and genre elements in order to produce a threatening, nightmarish audio experience that's as groovy as it is hostile"
- Cinema Retro


"This really is a love letter to a bygone age. A love letter that is written in blood by someone in an asylum who has just murdered a dozen high school kids in a series of gratuitous, ingenious and perverted tableaux. Its Jan (Bloody) Hammer set loose in the chop shop with Jason for company. Way to go!!!"
- The Active Listener

"It’s not every day you get to hear something so unique and brilliant. The whole album sounds great, and is a must have for any electronic or movie fan."
- We Are Indie Horror

"...Sellergren manages to tie (...) disparate influences together into a fantastic compilation that plays like a best-of, while still feeling as if it's brand-new."
- Starburst Magazine 

"A new classic in the making."
- One Way Static Records 

"...Videogram have delivered a polished album with a razor sharp biting edge. (...) It’s an album that demands repeated plays and left me wanting more."
- Cinema Retro 

"This latest effort is a great listen"
- Horrorscreams Videovault 

"There is a whole lot to like here, and even more to discover with each consecutive listen. Horror fans, fans of classic soundtracks, and just straight up fans of good and interesting music should definitely give it a go."
- Trash Mutant 

"I absolutely recommend you check out the album and buy it; it’s well worth it and the entire track list is so unique it really feels like you’re part of it."
- The Scream Review

Outpost 31 Isn't Responding:

- Dawn Brown, director of House of Monsters

"...with his new 2 track tribute to John Carpenter's 'The Thing' he does not disappoint."
- Horrorscreams Videovault

"...Videogram keeps putting out really interesting stuff, making things that nobody else is doing, and finding a really fresh way to reanimate these cult classics. The influence these movies have on him are easy to hear, but it's what he does with those influences that really shines"
- Trash Mutant

Cobretti EP:

"...Videogram' has not strayed from the successful method of basing the music on trashy films of the late 1970's and 1980's"
- The Rotting Zombie

"The album is a must-listen for anyone wishing for a flashback to the 80's"
- Bucketlist Music Reviews

Camp Blood (2014 version):

"Videogram's take on the Part 3 disco theme is great"
- Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise

"A special Halloween treat for the Friday the 13th fans out there"
- Horror Sci-Fi & More

"...filled to the brim with screams and plenty of thrills that'll allow you to show off your "killer" dance skills."
- The Horror Movie Maniac

"...perfect for your Halloween party!"
- Bloody Disgusting

"...this tune really sets the tone for horror inspired music"
- The Scream Review

"It's even more hilariously awesome than you're probably expecting it to be."
- Cinema Slasher

"Grab your hockey mask and spear gun and check it out"
- Rue Morgue

"Want the trick-or-treaters to dance to your door this Halloween? Play them Videogram's new Friday the 13th-inspired single"
- Broke Horror Fan

"a catchy little three minutes."
- The Rotting Zombie

S/T / Videogram Redux:

"...Sellergren has masterfully captured the most iconic aural tropes of Italian horror scoring (...) to concoct what may just be the most powerful piece of electronic scoring to hit the horror community this year."
- Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine

"...With strong John Carpenter sensibilities and layered simplicity that evolves into an aggregated fire storm of sound, this is an album to check out."
- Doc Terror

"...As I sat there taking in the sounds it felt as if I was watching the greatest Italian exploitation film ever (...) It was truly an amazing auditory experience."
- Horror Sci-Fi & More

"...Videogram is a bona fide lesson in Italian horror- and action soundtracks from a distant time."
- AntiChrister

"...Videogram’s new self-titled album is a horror hit pulled straight out of the 80s."
- The Scream Review

"...Another skillfully crafted faux soundtrack album grounded in retro electronica."
- Rue Morgue Magazine

"...Overall, Sellergren has created hauntingly beautiful songs"
- The Horror Movie Maniac

"...Magnus Sellergren brings a collection of the most awesome soundtracks to films that never got made"
- The Rotting Zombie