Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camp Blood single

I don't always ch ch ch, but when I do I ah ah ah... October's finally here and I am stoked to announce to release the Camp Blood single. Not only 'cause I think the track turned pretty cool, but also as a fellow horror fan 'cause it's just one big "nudge nudge, wink wink" for the Friday the 13th fans.

Available as of now via my Bandcamp, plus iTunes and Amazon (my provider is a bit so-so meaning other streaming services will be added later on), you can also check out the video on my YouTube and give the track a spin on my SoundCloud as well.

Bandcamp: http://goo.gl/NDcVP7
iTunes: http://goo.gl/T3hJQu
Amazon: http://goo.gl/IKOvs8
SoundCloud: http://goo.gl/uzUYMF
YouTube: http://goo.gl/d9li9R

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