Thursday, October 16, 2014

Camp Blood Reviews II

So, second week in on the release of the Camp Blood single it's time to collect the latest reviews and plugs it's been receiving. Once again, I'm pretty damn stoked by the reception and am keeping my fingers crossed this'll continue until October 31st.

Rue Morgue gave it a nice plug on their website, urging their readers to "grab your hockey mask and spear gun and check it out", The Broke Horror Fan added you should play it if you "Want the trick-or-treaters to dance to your door", The Horrormovies Blog gave it a much-appreciated plug and UK's The Rotting Zombie gave it a nice plug calling the video editing "really well done" and the track "a catchy little three minutes." Links are below so make sure you check them out.

While on the subject of the Halloween track, it's now available via both Deezer and Google Play. Get it here and here.

Rue Morgue review
The Broke Horror Fan plug
The Horrormovies Blog plug
The Rotting Zombie review

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