Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More reviews

ruemorgue150review"Another skillfully crafted faux soundtrack album grounded in retro electronica."

So the 150th issue of Rue Morgue Magazine has hit the streets, leading to a much-appreciated increase in the amount of "likes" on my Facebook page, and James Harris of Doc Terror kindly sent me a photo to check out while waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Receiving a three-star review, it was nice getting the comparison to both John Carpenter as well as Goblin, but the Morricone aspect was a bit of a surprise - although the guy's the soundtrack maestro so I am not complaining!

Once again, you can order your copy here, so check it out!

Chelseea Benwell offers more Videogram reviews on The Scream Review page. Summing it up as "a horror hit pulled straight out of the 80s", she calls the album "right on the money" and names Walpurgisnacht, I Warned You Not to Go Out Tonight and Scavolini's Nightmare her personal faves.

Check it out here.

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