Thursday, January 14, 2016

Updates and Tributes!

Well, with the Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm, passing away at 89 this Sunday I figured I'd share the Silver Sphere video once again. The 1979 cult classic Phantasm, directed by Don Coscarelli, is a personal favorite of mine, a truly unique horror movie, and the soundtrack is just amazing. I'm pretty sure neither Don or Angus heard the track or saw the video, but I'm glad I and Cineploit managed to release this tribute while Angus was still alive.

With the (unexpected) passing of David Bowie, Videogram supporters Friday the 13th: The Film Franchise posted an article on the unusual ties Mr Bowie had with the iconic Friday the 13th movies.

The article - as well as the highly-recommened Crystal Lake Memories documentary - covers producer Frank Mancuso, Jr's fandom of Bowie's music, so much so that every production starting with Friday the 13th Part III was filmed under a Bowie song title alias.

One of my personal faves, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, was filmed as Aladdin Sane, and, for a bit of added trivia, I posted the above photo on my official Facebook page, clearly showing the LP pictured right during the girls' "Camp Blood" card game. Read the article here.

In other news, Videogram supporters Trash Mutant just published an all-new review of my Pre-Cert LP/CD.

Calling it a "satisfying listen from start to finish" and "the type of stuff that could make a good movie even better", they sum up my Cineploit debut as a "very stylish, well-produced and consistent album".

Read it in full here, make sure to give them a "like" on Facebook here and while you're at it, read the interview we did back in March of 2015 here.

While on the subject of my records, I recently got the exciting news that my Pre-Cert album is charting on's Top 100 Film and Soundtrack Albums in Germany. Turns out that my Camp Blood 10" pic disc EP is as well, placing at #50, and charting at #25 on their Top 100 10" list as an added bonus! Again, vielen dank Deutschland!

To finish up this update I received my Vestron Video logo tribute t-shirt yesterday. I created a storefront over at Teepublic thanks to Joey at Camera Viscera, and having checked them out myself I can assure you they offer great quality t-shirts, both the fabric and prints!

So far I've got nine designs available, featuring tributes to various VHS distributors, as well as the brilliant Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine artwork courtesy LOUD COMIX' illustrator Jamie Vayda.

You can order yours here, but I've also added various print and color examples on my official Facebook page here. Check them out!

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