Monday, April 16, 2018

VHS Lives: Pre-orders available now!

An update on the VHS Lives documentary: Mid-March I received word that the UK-produced documentary had secured distribution on DVD via WWMD, and this past weekend the DVD was announced being available to pre-order! You can order your copy via WWMD direct hereForbidden Planet here and iTunes here.

The documentary, featuring myself and Videogram's music, as well as Jörg Buttgereit, Troma's own Lloyd Kaufman, and Josh from Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine, and others, goes deep into the psyche of VHS collectors, SOV filmmakers, and VHS-inspired musicians/producers, and shows why the old VHS tapes you have rotting away in your loft are becoming antique collectors pieces!

Awesome way to relive the 80's!
- Starburst Magazine

More information via Vestra Pictures on Facebook here, you'll find the documentary Facebook page here, and on IMDB, complete with a full listing of the cast and crew, here. The trailer (featuring He's Still Out There that appears on the digital version of my Camp Blood EP):

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